Izmo Rainmaker

Take action to outrun the competition and get the top position in search and review sites. In this package izmo will provide for you:
  • SEO Best Practices
    1. Meta tag optimization
    2. Header optimization
    3. Image optimization
  • Keyword research and targeting strategy
  • Google Analytics advanced setup & reporting
  • Google Webmaster setup
  • Search Engine Marketing
    1. On page optimization
    2. Google+ Setup
    3. Site popularity & trust improvement through high quality backlinks
    4. Referral network for your website
  • Advanced Social Network Setup:
    1. Facebook profile
    2. Linkedin profile
    3. Google places
    4. Twitter profile
    5. Instagram profile setup
  • Monthly updates on social media pages (Content provided by client)
  • Google Adwords Management ($300 monthly budget included in the package)
  • Facebook ads management is available as a separate extra-cost package (contact us for details)