Frequently Asked Questions

izmoWeb is a full-service provider for your website. We take care of your Website Design, Content, Domain and Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and all other aspects of running a business website successfully. You do not need to hire any other vendor to run your website.
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Your website can be online in as little as 5 minutes ! All the professional content is pre-built into your website. You just need to add business branding and details. However, activities like domain redirection may require a time window before they come into effect.
Yes, your website is built from ground up to rank well on Google. We follow Google's best practices right down to their latest "mobile friendly" update.
Yes, your izmoWeb website uses the latest responsive web technology to work equally well on Smartphones, Desktop PCs, Laptops and Tablets. The entire website - branding, navigation, marketing banners, page layouts, text, images, specials and more - will re-adjust on the available screen space to provide a flawless user experience on any web device – be it big screen PCs or small screen mobile devices. .
You will start receiving appointment requests and other business requests via email ids and contact numbers that is available on your website. We will also send you a monthly Google Analytics Report detailing the visits to your website.
You can choose monthly or annual payment options. The length of the contract is one year, but you can cancel at any time with no penalties.