Marketing Yoga: 5 Tips to Promote Your Yoga Studio

03 September 2015

How do you succeed in the crowded yoga studio space? By applying yoga, naturally. By connecting, and being in the flow. Meeting yoga students, answering questions, and allaying concerns.

You will not be able to do it in person, all the time. That’s why you need a specialized Yoga Studio Website to do it for you 24X7.

1. Be were prospective yoga students are:

Ever tried recording a few basic yoga classes and putting it up on YouTube? Nothing too complicated – just basic yoga tips to get beginners motivated. You will be surprised to know how much money you are leaving on the table. Take a look at this one:

Yes, 10 million plus views on You Tube. You are unlikely to ever get so much exposure even if you are on prime time TV. Just one yoga video, and if it goes viral, you have truly made it - there would be no space left in your Yoga Studio for years. What’s even better, you can record a video in an hour, using your cell phone camera.

But videos need context, which is provided by your yoga studio website. Every video needs a campaign page on your website, complete with a contact form for viewers to request a consultation.

After mindful breathing and asanas come the community. Beginners especially draw reassurance from their local community of yoga practitioners. Start a Facebook Page for your Yoga Studio. Post a few easy tips. Connect with others who can also contribute, and let everyone know you are there – lo! You have your community.

2. Brand Your Yoga

 Marketing Yoga
Keep nurturing your local community with periodic freebies and near freebies. Introductory Workshops. Free Workout Demos. Yoga for Obesity. Yoga for Insomnia. Yoga for aching knees. Keep it moving!

Always remember to build your brand around these yoga events, as you go about creating them.

Naturally, each one of these events need to be on your Yoga Studio Website. Complete with home page banner, campaign page and quick contact app. What’s more, you can re-purpose your home page banner for Email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social applications.

Let’s take a look at how your Yoga Studio Website should really be:-  Visit Here

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