Website as your Online Clinic: Six Things to Remember

18 August 2015

Assuming that you have an effective clinic website up and running, a little optimization at your actual clinic will bring in disproportionately better results. Your medical website works as an online extension of your practice. That’s why communication bottlenecks at your practice can prevent you from enjoying the full advantage of your website. Here’s how to untangle them.

Email Responses – Things to Do

  1. Other than online appointments, prospective patients would also send you a lot of "Contact Us” requests. Most of them would have to do with specific patient requests – from treatment cost estimation to the time required for procedures, second opinion, and more.
  2. In most cases, patients may need to set up an appointment and meet a doctor before their questions can be effectively answered. Your clinic needs to respond to these requests quickly, explaining concisely why they need to set up an appointment first.
  3. There could also be some instances when an immediate appointment may not be feasible – for example, if the patient happens to be traveling. Even in such cases, a quick email with recommendations to follow is highly recommended.
  4. Rarely, you may have emergencies which your patients may not have fully understood. In such cases, make it a point to call or email back immediately, with a clear course of action.

On the Telephone– Things to Do

  1. The same goes for the telephonic enquires too, from your online patients.
  2. Keep a record of the calls you receive till such time you move up to a phone tracking system or CRM.

But please remember, patients who call you after visiting your website are likely to be far better informed, and would need precise answers.

The key takeaway is, your website is actually a force multiplier. You just extended your patient reach significantly. A little extra attention and care at your practice will help you get far more from this added capacity.

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