Pet Owners Love Pet Stories

10 September 2015

Ever noticed ? The first thing that pet owners would like to share with you about their pets are invariably stories.

Naturally, the best way to get their attention would be to tell a few pet stories of your own. Add some pet caring tips to it.

Plus let them know how your pet clinic helped to make the day of a few pet owners with prompt and caring attention. How you and your employees care enough about their pets to go the extra mile for them.

It works ! Take a sneak peek here :

You can start creating cellphone videos and posting them on YouTube and Vimeo. Then add the links to the testimonials page on your website. Put in a text introduction, so that Google can effortlessly pick up the thread.

Next, post the website link on Facebook and Twitter. Email it to your pet owner contact list. Then see what happens.

That reminds us. Pet Clinics need Websites. Not just any website, but dedicated pet clinic websites with professional content. They will also need social accounts. You Tube. Vimeo. Facebook. Twitter. 

Pet Owners Talk to Each Other

Yes, your prospective clients are a well networked lot. With 43 million dog owning households and 30 million cat owning households in the U S, a single pet owner can lead you to many others. In short, pet clinics should make referral marketing a priority.

Why not offer an introductory checkup FREE ? If the program gets traction, plan for a full-fledged referral program, with rewards for each per owner referral. What you offer as a referral reward should have tangible value, without hitting your bottom line.

Again, you need to get the word out .

Create a dedicated campaign page on your pet shop website. Add a banner on the home page and link back. Then, repurpose the banner to create an email and graphics for Facebook and Twitter.

That reminds us again - you do need a pet clinic website.

Exactly What kind of websites will work for pet clinics ?

Pet owners may require help at any time of the day, or night. Quite likely, they will reach out to a handy device and search online for help. Which means :

1.You need a responsive website – a website that uses the latest web technology to work equally well on PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Cellphones

2.Your pet clinic website should come with pre-built professional content which will answer the most likely questions, and lead pet owners to your clinic

3.Your website should be Google friendly, ranking high on search engines

Not sure where to go ? Try izmoWeb Pet Clinic Websites

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