5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

23 June 2017

In addition to marketing your business through website and social media channels, email is still a marketing tool worth considering.

We’ll tell you why, and how. Read on.

Email Marketing Tip 1: Be Concise

Being present in someone’s inbox is the virtual equivalent of being invited to that person’s house for dinner. A lot of email marketers don’t get this simple fact and end up spamming. You have to make an internet user willing to provide you their email address.

Tell them what they get in return - whether they will get early access to your product, how often they’ll receive mails from you, whether there will be discounts for those who sign up, and so on. Reassure them that their inbox is not going to be flooded with junk mail. Instead, they should be receiving relevant information on a periodic basis.

Email Marketing Tip 2: Know When to Pitch

Having a great product or service is one thing. But knowing when to pitch it to your readers and customers is a different ballgame altogether.

Study your clients’ buying habits and send them relevant pitches accordingly. Emailing product pitches blindly to those who have signed up for your emails will only result in them unsubscribing from your mailing list.

Email Marketing Tip 3: Don’t Send Image-Heavy Emails

Your customers will generally not tend to look at the images in emails, and they take longer to load than text as well. Instead, include a clear and to-the-point message in writing and a link that will take your reader to your website (where you can have all the images you want!). We recommend that you use well coded HTML to spruce up the appearance of your email marketing message and use pictures sparingly.

Email Marketing Tip 4: Stay in the Whitelist

All the efforts taken by you to setup your email marketing strategies won’t account for anything if your emails head straight into the spam box.

Make a few changes to the emails you send to ensure that you remain in your customers’ whitelists. Include a request to be added into your subscribers’ address books in your email; doing this in most cases should ensure that your mail gets through the dreaded spam filters.

Email Marketing Tip 5: In Fact, A Few More…

People like it more when they feel that they’re being spoken to personally, rather than being someone in a faceless crowd. Tweak your emails to be friendly and lessen its corporate tone.

Make sure the coding of your emails is rock solid and parameters such as the links, alt text and so on are in place. Send test mails to dummy accounts with major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., to know for sure that everything works and looks right. The worst thing to happen is to see your email layout change after sending them.

Following these simple pointers can ensure that your email marketing campaign hits home every time and brings you the results you expected from them.

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