Agile Content Marketing: Create Better Content with Less Effort.

12 Jun, 2017

Agile Content Marketing helps marketing departments produce and deploy more quality content in less time. Both Scrum and Scrumban, the two popular versions of agile content marketing, are designed to insulate content developers from an extended fire fighting mode that sacrifices focus and consistency, making them ideal systems for content marketers. 

Nowadays, every company puts in a lot of effort into figuring out the content strategy for their website. Questions such as what sort of content, how much content and so on are frequently encountered. The usual procedure is a creative experiment that involves planning, writing content, publishing it and then analyzing the results to evaluate how it has performed based on its aggregate engagement.

However, marketers are now opening up to new and more efficient ways of generating content. One of the most promising methods is agile content marketing, which tackles the complexities of corporate content processes in a well-defined manner and gets better results, while reducing content effort.

What is Agile Content Marketing?

Agile marketing relies on customer feedback and the power of iteration to create content that will be powerful enough to excel in its job in the least amount of time. Agile content marketing has proven itself to be so reputable that virtually all the big names in the business swear by it.

It is no secret that regularly putting up high quality, unique content is immensely beneficial for your company’s website. It heightens your brand’s awareness, generates more leads, builds up a following and raises audience loyalty, increases online traffic and, most importantly, it gives your website authority and credibility. All this means that, naturally, you need to give content creation a very high priority.

Why is Agile Content Marketing so Popular?

Apart from creating excellent content, agile content marketing also mitigates the risk of content failure. Ensuring that your content doesn’t fail when it comes to striking the right chord with the targeted audience is of paramount importance to any marketing professional.

In fact, research tells us that over two-thirds of consumers on B2B platforms say find the content they engage with to be below par. the story is quite similar on B2C platforms as well. More worryingly, nearly a quarter of consumers who were dissatisfied with a brand’s content said that they would never again consider that brand.

How Does it Work?

If content is produced and published as a one shot deal, there is a threat of it not being received well by the target customers. The way the agile process overcomes this risk is by taking an iterative approach to content creation, viz., after writing the first edition, you keep adapting and improving it over several versions. This way, each iteration of the content piece reduces its risk of failure substantially and also increases in value.

Big Time Savings!
Another benefit of following the agile marketing model is that fresh content can be created almost thrice as fast as it would take if more traditional methods were used. 
However, the single best advantage of agile content marketing is this: it neither requires you to splurge money on buying new software nor does it make you spend valuable time in training. All you need to do is break traditional moulds and adopt a new manner of producing fresh content for your website.
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