How to Choose the Right Domain Name for your Company, and other Domain Name FAQs.

16 June 2017

What’s in a domain name? What if I pick a cheaper top-level domain (TLD) for my company? Most businesses encounter these questions when they build websites to promote their offerings. Here are some Domain name FAQs and their answers.

Should I buy a .com? What about other inexpensive top-level domain (TLD) options?

When buying a domain name for your website, always go for a .com top-level domain, even if it is expensive than others. Your primary objective of buying a domain name and building a business website is to be visible on Google, and 85% of top-ranking pages on Google search results have a .com as their top-level domain (TLD).

Which domain name should I buy - my brand name, product names, or other options?

The best option is always to use your brand name. Your brand name is what identifies your business, and your customers recall your business by remembering your brand name.

The second option is to use a combination of your brand name and your area of expertise.

Always remember to avoid exact match domains, meaning a domain which answers a popular question on the internet. Your website is likely to be penalized by Google if you do.

However, sneaking in a keyword or two is okay if your website has enough content to support it. For instance, look for a "partial match domain (PMD)” like "”.

If you are a local business, then try to target both your area of expertise and geographical area in your domain name.

What are the other don’ts when choosing a domain name?

Avoid numbers. Visitors will be confused if they should type in a numeral or a word – for example "1”, or "one”.

Avoid terms that are spelled differently in different regions. For example, "behavior” and "behavior”.

Avoid hyphenating domain names.

Make sure that the domain you are about to buy do not infringe on someone’s trademarks. Knowingly or unknowingly infringing on someone’s brand name could result in serious legal issues.

Anything else which I should keep in mind before I choose my domain name?

Keep it short, simple, and easy to remember. It should also be easy to key it in. Avoid anything longer than 12-15 characters.

Once you have narrowed your option down, try to buy off the other top-level domains (TLDs) with your domain name. Also try to buy and block close matches. This will help protect you from online imposters out to cheat your customers.

Of course, you need a professionally built website, one you have your domain name. Try

Last but not the least, act fast once you have made your selection. There is no point in speeding weeks on a domain name, only to find that someone else is squatting on it by the time you make up your mind to buy.

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