5 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

09 Mar, 2017

5 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Is email marketing dead? The answer is an emphatic "NO”, with even the millennials – 58% of them – preferring email over other marketing channels.

Email marketing continues to deliver amazing results, but it’s just not your old spammy "spray and pray” junk email any more. Anyone who means to succeed with email marketing needs to learn the new tricks of the trade.

Here are 5 Tips to get your email marketing back on track again.

1. Email them on the same day
As soon as you get leads, email them to establish an immediate connection. Use your introductory email to set the right expectations. Follow it up with a well-timed telephone call and later, a reminder email as well, all within 72 hours of the first contact.

This helps to expose your business three times in quick succession to your leads, which is the minimum required to create brand recall.

Even better, work out an email marketing workflow and monthly email marketing calendar. In most businesses, it takes more than 10 follow-ups before a sale, and a scientifically designed email marketing workflow will keep your email promotions in your prospects' inboxes for months.

2.Think Mobile First
80% or more of your prospects are likely to read email on their mobiles. A mobile-first email design will ensure that all of them can read your email marketing promos effortlessly.

Keep it short, use a responsive email design with larger than normal fonts, and make it visually riveting. Limit your subject line to under 50 characters, to make it mobile compatible.

3. Keep it personal
Avoid impersonal mass email. Setup a mail merge, to address each individual recipient by their name. Ensure that the sender is a person, not a company or a department. Always use an official mail id, instead of a free generic email id.

4. Do a spam check every time
Totally avoid spam triggers like "sales’, "Save”, "discount”, etc., particularly in the subject line. The spam trigger list runs into hundreds of words, but it should be easy for you to check, given the free spam check tools available online.

If email spam creep into your subject line or body copy, it is quite likely that spam filters will move your email promos to the spam folder.

5. Never send email without a call-to-action

A clear and unambiguous call-to-action is the reason why you send out a marketing email in the first place – you need the prospect to take an action, and your email is supposed to be the trigger.

Needless to say, every marketing email should have a conspicuous call-to-action.

If possible combine it with an attractive, email-only special offer.

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