Picture Perfect! 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

19 April 2017

If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine what Pinterest can do for your business!

The more visible your business is, the better your potential to convert more prospects into customers. Here are 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips to get you started.

1. Start using Pinterest for Marketing

Haven't you started using Pinterest yet?

Pinterest marketing is steadily on the rise as a social media marketing channel, and business owners can use it to publicize their services to a rapidly growing audience.

Pinterest is a rather unconventional social network as it is more of an image sharing website, a "catalogue of ideas” as described by the company’s founder. Those who use Pinterest can upload photos, videos, etc. onto compilations called pinboards. These pinboards can be re-pinned by other users onto their own feed.

2. Use Product Pictures and Product Pins

Shoot images of the products that you sell and put them up on your pinboards. Once you see a certain product or product group moving up in popularity or being re-pinned a lot, you could put tags that say "Popular on Pinterest” on the same products displayed in your store.

When visitors on social media see such products on sale in your store, this simple method can translate into fat sales figures! This is one of the simplest yet effective forms of Pinterest marketing.

Make your product marketing even more interesting with ‘Product Pins”. They make shopping for your products easier, with real-time pricing, availability and location info included.

3. Provide Lifestyle Ideas

Some of the most shared pinboards on Pinterest pertain to fashion, interior decor, food and so on. People use Pinterest massively for lifestyle ideas and that is something that you should definitely leverage for your business. This straightforward Pinterest marketing technique can help you do exactly that.

Instead of sharing only images of individual product types, why not combine different types of products that you sell and make it a full-fledged lifestyle idea? Pinning up multiple lifestyle inspirations, gift ideas and interesting projects is a sure-fire Pinterest marketing trick to bring you many more prospective clients.

4. Rich Pins for Rich Returns!

Pinterest has a free, embedded feature called Rich Pins that enables users to pin more than just a plain photo. In addition to images, rich pins can include information regarding location and even a product description in the pin itself.

For instance, if you own a bakery and you put up an image of a cupcake as a rich pin, it could include details such as the recipe, allergen information, serving ideas and so on. According to a study, the re-pin to pin ratio of rich pins were nearly double that of standard pins, proving that this simple Pinterest marketing trick is quite powerful in its own right.

5. Day and Time Matters!

Promoting your business and performing social media marketing on Pinterest does not mean that you only post single images. The site allows you to upload collages and short videos too. Don’t forget to attach brief, astute descriptions to your pins.

Also equally important is the time frame within which you publish new pins. Analytics have shown that Friday evenings, Saturday nights and weekday afternoons are fantastic for uploading new pins.

If you aren’t willing or in a position to pump in bags of money on advertising your business, online marketing opportunities such as Pinterest marketing can help ramp up your sales figures.

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