5 Franchise Marketing Ideas for Local Business Owners

10 April 2017

Getting to be part of a franchise business is a big deal in itself. However, keeping it running smoothly and growing at the same time is a whole different ball game.

Franchise owners have their work cut out in keeping the health of their business at its peak at all times, but thankfully, there are several franchise marketing ideas that can be used to ensure the longevity and success of your business.

Here are 5 Franchise Marketing Ideas for Local Business Owners.

Franchise Marketing 01: Make Google Your Ally

Google has some extremely powerful franchise marketing tools on offer for business owners, chief among them being Google My Business. Get your business listed in Google My Business and other local listings as well so that the moment someone searches for it, they are presented with details such as your address, phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions.

Most importantly, customer reviews also pop up in these local listings, and that can give a huge boost to your business.

Franchise Marketing 02: Start Planning Early for the Festive Season

Among all your franchise marketing ideas, planning ahead for festive seasons deserve high priority. During times such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, sales figures rise sharply. Promotional coupons and offers like buy-one-get-one-free or free gifts with certain purchases are excellent franchise marketing ideas for the festive season.

You may even need to hire some extra hands to ensure the business runs without a hitch during the season.

Franchise Marketing 03: is a Franchise Website More Appropriate?

This is an important question that you have to ask. If your business is a franchisee of a large conglomerate, it would be better to have your own dedicated local franchise website, in order to rank high in local search results.

This important franchise marketing method would provide you the freedom to perform local SEO and other optimization techniques to improve your ratings and visibility.

Franchise Marketing 04: Be Clever with Keywords

Search engines nowadays make use of geographic locations extensively. Results can be tailored to be nearer in terms of distance to the location from where a person performs a search. Creating a location-specific online profile is certainly one of the best franchise marketing ideas that one can think of.

As a local business owner, your primary source of clients will be from within your immediate vicinity. Therefore, make it a point to target keywords with your location. For instance, if you are a franchisee of a car wash or a fast food chain, this will allow you to capture the audience who search for "car washes near me” or "burger joints near me”.

Franchise Marketing 05: Use PPC & Social Media to Your Advantage

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a marketing model where you create an advert and pay a pre-arranged charge each time someone clicks on the ad. This will put your ad on top of the search results and it will also complement the organic visits on your site. A well thought-out PPC marketing strategy is one of the most effective franchise marketing ideas in your marketing toolkit.

Everybody who’s anybody these days is on social media. So doesn’t it make perfect sense to make your business visible on different social media channels? Popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest and many others now offer paid advertising.

Direct mail is still one of the old-world franchise marketing ideas that work great for franchise marketing. This can be used to inform specifically targeted customers about loyalty programs and exclusive deals. However, we strongly advise you to combine print mail and email marketing techniques for better results.

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