Promoting Your Yoga Studio: Four Things to Do Today

30 March 2017

Most successful yoga studio entrepreneurs will tell you that the best bet for promoting yoga studios is word-of-mouth. Ignore this advice for now, if you happen to be a first time yoga studio entrepreneur.

First, it’s a carefully cultivated half-truth, designed to dissuade others from starting more yoga studios. Second, if you are about to start a yoga studio, you are unlikely to have enough well-wishers for word-of-mouth to work and make your new yoga studio viable.

To Do 1: Get a Yoga Studio Website and Show Up in Search Results

As a first time yoga studio owner, your best bet at yoga studio marketing is to show up high in local internet search results.

Up to 94% of the locals are likely to search online before they ever sign-up for a service, including yoga practice. True, they may have heard of a couple of neighborhood studios through word-of-mouth, but you still have a good chance of winning them over if your yoga studio website tells a convincing story.

Remember, up to 80% of those searches will be on mobile phones, so your yoga studio website needs to be fully compatible with mobile phones.

Your best tool to top the local search results is to get a yoga studio website from a professional yoga studio web marketing partner. Yoga studio websites need to explain an ancient and quite complicated tradition in simple terms, and require a load of videos and FAQs to do a good job of it.

Focus on running your yoga studio, and leave your yoga studio website to the experts.

To Do 2: Never Be Without Offers

When competing against other yoga studios with good local standing, you cannot afford to be without promotional offers.

For example, a "First Week Free” trial offer not only exudes self-confidence, it also significantly reduces consumer resistance to trying out yoga lessons at your new yoga studio.

Likewise, you can tweak your fee-structure to make off-peak hours much more attractive.

To Do 3: Work on your Packages

Not everyone looking for some yoga practice is out to be the perfect hatha yogi. Most have simple health goals in mind, like losing a couple of pounds in weight or kicking their couch potato habit.

Quickly figure out the top 3 reasons why prospects in your area sign up for yoga lessons, and design  yoga studio programs around them.

To Do 4: Always work on the conversations

As a thumb rule, someone trying out a yoga studio will talk to 5 others about the experience. If the person is active on social media, expect posts and tweets.

To begin with, design your yoga studio processes to be customer-centric. Make every aspiring student feel welcome and comfortable.

After a practice session, ask them for feedback.

If they have issues, suggest ways to redress it then and there. Once people sense that they have been listened to, they are unlikely to complain to others.

On the other hand if they are enthusiastic about your yoga lessons, request them to write out a testimonial. Ask for a selfie as well, and post it on your yoga studio website, along with the testimonial. Reward them with an exciting gift, and encourage them to share the testimonial on their social media networks. Explain to them how a good word will help you offer the same experience to others.

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