6 Online Marketing Tips For Yoga Studios

03 May, 2016

Since 1997 izmo has built, managed, and optimized websites for thousands of global clients. The rise and fall of programming protocols like Flash and Java, an ever-shifting landscape of search engine algorithms, the advent and decline of various social media platforms – we’ve seen it all from the frontlines.  And through all this, we’ve discovered some universal truths that are so easy to implement, so fool proof, that every business can benefit from them :

Content is everything

Both in terms of quantity and quality, nothing matters more. Content really is king. If you focus on nothing else on this list, post more content. Ideally it should be content you author and as timely as possible. Your take on emerging trends in Yoga – whether you agree with them or not. A great question a client recently asked.

Keep it timely, keep it topical, keep it professional, and reap the rewards.

Put yourself in a prospective client’s shoes

What might someone Google in order to find you ?

Will yoga help with __________?
How can I tell which yoga studio is best for me ?

Then answer these on your website.  Anticipating a clients needs and wants works like a magnet for directing client prospects to you.

Talk about both process and results (the journey and the destination)

Often, people come to the practice of yoga with different expectations. Sometimes it’s because of some tangible life result that they are hoping to get out of it, and sometimes it’s about the experience itself.

When you describe your practice understand that it’s not about why you chose to consider adding yoga into your life, but the fact that you did.

Talk about health and wellness

The practice of yoga is much more than the yoga disciplines themselves. There is an opportunity to present information about all the complementary and related components of a yogi’s lifestyle – from diet to mindfulness and everything in between. Don’t take too narrow a view on what yoga means to your audience.

Build bridges

The Internet looks to connect individuals, practices, and ideologies.  Do this yourself. Identify respected peers and even adversaries and interview them on topical areas of interest and then ask that they reciprocate. The notion that a rising tide raises all ships applies here. As you reference each other’s work, accomplishments, and perspectives, your stature as someone who is dialed-in and knowledgeable rises - on both sides.

Remember the hub and spokes

Having a social media presence on popular social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others are the spokes of the wheel, but they all should connect back to the hub. That hub is your website.

There’s nothing wrong with having a collection of random spokes, but to connect them all up and gain forward momentum, make sure that you have a website of your own and that these spokes each connect to it.

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Any questions? We are always here to help.


Mark Allen


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