Top 3 Reasons to have a Responsive Web Design

22 March 2017

Wondered why your website works better with responsive website design? 

Just a few years back, websites used to be viewed mostly on laptops and PCs. Not anymore. 

The consumer web is now predominantly on mobile phones and tablets, which is why responsive website design(RWD)  deserves your attention.

Here are the top three reasons why responsive website design makes sense.

1. The web is now mobile first, and responsive website design means more business for you
Up to 94% of consumers now view your website on their mobile phones. Remember, mobile screens now come in many sizes and resolutions, right from the 320 x 480 pixels or lower dimensions of basic phones to 750 x 1334 pixels on the iPhone 7, or more.

Responsive website design(RWD) ports your website to any of these dimensions with ease, making the website browsing experience of your viewers intuitive and easy. What’s more, the same technology makes multiple device browsing of your website an easier and pleasurable experience. 

Now, not only are 80% of mobile phone users using their phone to shop online, up to 72% of them even use their phone to compare prices, right inside a store. Imagine your old adoptive technology website on these phones. It will take quite some effort before visitors can make sense out of your website, and by the time most of them would be looking for other options. In fact, 80% will abandon the website inside just 15 seconds. 

If your website has an average of 100 visitors a day, you are now losing 5 to 20 prospective customers every single day, to just one factor – responsive website design

2. Responsive website design means better search engine results
Mobile friendliness is now one of the factors which Google uses to rank your website, and the search engine recommends responsive website design(RWD) as a website best-practice. If your website is responsive, then Google will rank it higher, especially on mobile searches.

In addition, 55% of all social media interactions now happen on mobile phones, increasing the chances of your content being socially shared if your website runs on responsive website design.

3. Responsive website design makes it easier to manage your website
Before responsive website design came into vogue, website owners with significant mobile customers had to manage two websites – a full-fledged adoptive website and a stripped down mobile website. Content duplication was hard to avoid, and so was the constant threat of Google penalizing the website for duplicate content.

It’s complicated, to say the least. Imagine, a website user sharing a mobile URL from his mobile phone, and a laptop user clicking on it to see a tiny mobile screen size website on his large laptop screen.

With responsive website design(RWD) you have to manage only one website and one set of content, making it easier not only for your customers and prospects, but your marketing and web teams as well.

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