Get Your Own Yoga Website and Other Yoga Studio Marketing Tips

03 May, 2017

4 Yoga Studio Marketing Tips which you can use today, starting with your Yoga website

By the passing day, more and more people are becoming health conscious and actually deciding to do something about their fitness levels. While high intensity regimes such as running, swimming and pumping iron at the gym may be the preferred exercise regime for some, many health and wellness aspirants are now turning their sights to less rigorous methods like yoga.

Running a yoga studio has never been more lucrative than it is now. Here are a few effective yoga studio marketing tips to rope in more yoga students.

Use your Yoga Website to Rope in the Newbies!

Let me reveal the #1 yoga studio marketing advice for you. If you don’t have a yoga website, get one today! 94% of your prospective students will be searching for your services online, mostly from their mobiles. Yoga studios doing without a yoga website is leaving a lot of money on the mat!

If you already have a high quality yoga website, then consider adding a section designated specifically for new students on your yoga studio website. Ensure that it is not crammed to the brim with yoga jargon that will leave the newbies confused.

Studies show that a large percentage of the population are highly motivated to start taking yoga classes, and their numbers far exceed the number of adults who actually practice yoga on a regular basis. You really need to focus on bringing these aspiring yogis to your studio and a "New Students” section filled with easy-to-follow wellness tips and tutorials will go a long way in doing just that.

Frame a USP, and tell your prospects about it

Find a USP for your yoga studio instead of showcasing yourself as a generic facility. You need to tell your website visitors what sets your yoga studio apart from the rest of them.

Be creative.

Is it "Yoga in 30 Minutes” every day? Or "Restorative Yoga”? "Slimming Yoga” is another hot and happening area.

The market for yoga practitioners and studios are growing rapidly in the US, so it is certain that there is scope for growth. All you need to do is use it to your advantage and ride the ever swelling wave.

Give More, Get More

Another effective yoga studio marketing tip is to give away lots of free yoga tips and advice, yoga classes included. The more yoga you give, the more yogis you receive.

Anything that is of value, such as yoga plans and planning tips, yoga hand-outs and even yoga teaching kits will work exceedingly well in bringing in more students, as it increases your visibility.

Go Social, and Say it with Pictures and Videos

If you are into yoga studio marketing, it goes without saying that you need to be extensively working on social media.

Publish blog posts and upload short video tutorials and "how to” clips. Then post them on your Facebook page and tweet them as well.

You should also be using Pinterest to target aspiring female yoginis. Pinterest allows you to upload images or videos with short descriptions, and studies have shown that a larger section of Pinterest users are female. Naturally then, capitalizing on this is a no-brainer.

We’ve got all the answers to your yoga website and yoga studio marketing questions. Click here.

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