Top 4 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business on YouTube

10 May 2017

The YouTube Questions you always wanted to ask

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine what a video can do. If you run a customer facing business, it makes a lot of sense to market it online with a lot of pictures and videos.

Businesses have several digital marketing tools and social media channels to get the job done, and YouTube tops the list. The reason why we encounter a lot of YouTube questions from our business customers.

For businesses, YouTube marketing is likely to be very rewarding, if done right. Uploading interesting videos on YouTube is simple and hassle-free, and the returns can be huge.

Here are a few YouTube questions that you always wanted to ask, and their answers.

1. How Do I Ramp Up My Views?

First things first, Your YouTube questions shouldn’t be only about the views. As far as YouTube marketing is concerned, what you really need is conversions. In other words, you want your viewers to take action after watching your videos. A key concept that has to be understood here is ‘targeted views’.

What are targeted views? They are views by individuals who are likely to take steps in your direction, like visiting your business website, after watching your videos. If you own a winery, then 20,000 views from teetotalers are far less valuable than 200 targeted views – views from wine drinkers.

It is common sense that people who are truly fascinated with your products or services are way more likely to click the link from your YouTube channel. That’s why it makes sense to use targeted views and related ads to increase your YouTube conversions.

2. What Can I Do With The YouTube Videos Themselves?

A YouTube strategy that uses related videos can be very powerful indeed for pushing targeted views, if used correctly.

Dig up a video that already has become a hit with your targeted audience. It also helps if the video ranks high. Ensure that you use relevant keywords, as that will help increase the visibility of the video. This will result in your YouTube video showing up as a related video, before the audience specifically targeted by you.

Don’t forget to keep creating and uploading more videos to your YouTube channel. If you make it a point to use related videos, each one will help boost the number of views for other videos on your channel. When the visitor finishes with one video, a list of related videos will be automatically displayed on the screen.

Note that YouTube gives higher priority to related videos that you have uploaded in your channel.

Next step, your YouTube Questions should be about annotating and linking videos! Each of your videos, without fail, should comprise of annotations that link it to your other videos, thereby creating a chain.

3. How Often Should I Post YouTube Videos?

When you start posting videos bi-weekly, weekly, or even several times a week, your subscribers will be expecting new content from you at these times and will tune in. Should you fail to show up, then you will have to face YouTube questions too! Also, viewers who aren’t yet your subscribers are more likely to hit the subscribe button if they see you uploading fresh content consistently.

4. Are YouTube Playlists Helpful?

YouTube Playlists are incorporated automatically into your search results. You can use these playlists as an easy and very efficient way of categorizing and organizing the videos in your channel.

Interestingly, playlists do not need to include only your content, and can be used to leverage related videos from other YouTube channels as well.

If done correctly, this practice will lead more users to your YouTube channel and, in turn, to your website and sales funnel. A double jackpot!

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