How to use Facebook for business marketing

17 May 2017

Facebook Marketing tips

Facebook has over 1.8 billion users. Imagine the business potential if you can connect with even a small fraction!

If you own and run a business, regardless of what domain it caters to, it needs to be taken online. An online presence for our business is the way to go if you want to expand (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to expand?). While there are many different and effective ways of marketing your business on the internet, in this article, we will be focusing on just one: Facebook.

We attempt to shed some light on how this massively popular social media channel can be used to help grow and increase the visibility of your business, and we’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about Facebook marketing.

Why Should I Get On Facebook?

There’s a very simple answer to this question. The number of people who have a Facebook profile is absolutely vast. Facebook claims that they have in excess of a staggering 1.8 billion users. Imagine the potential your business has to grow if you can connect with even a small fraction of that number!

What Are Facebook Adverts?

Facebook has several tools for the small business owner. You can use Facebook ads, wherein you can create an ad for a specific budget. The ad can be targeted at a specific audience who are more likely to use your business services, and by using analytics, it can be easily seen how well your ads have been received.

The practice of creating relevant ads that are aimed at exactly the sort of people you want (instead of just putting up a giant billboard for the whole planet to see), has revolutionized the world of advertising.

If you lack the skills to do it on your own, then professional Facebook Marketing Firms can help you out, with far greater precision than individual businesses.

What Other Tools Can I Use?

Facebook has their own messenger service (interestingly called Messenger!), so why not use it? Studies have shown that over 50% of people are more likely to approach a business that they can message directly. You may already know how to send out reminders, provide support and offer information to your followers. However, far more important is how responsive you are in messaging. The quicker you respond to a user’s query, the higher your chance of getting her/his business.

Don’t forget that Facebook also owns the hugely admired image and video sharing portal, Instagram. You can upload hundreds of images and short videos with relevant hashtags and eywords that can improve the reach of your business immensely. The best part about using Instagram is that you get excellent publicity for absolutely no cost at all.

Loosen Up!

Also, keep in mind that Facebook is a social media channel. It isn’t your company’s primary website, so it would be perfectly alright to not be extremely formal.

Uploading a funny video or an interesting post from time to time on your Facebook profile is considered totally acceptable and will actually drive a larger number of people to follow you.

Questions about Facebook Marketing? We’re here to help. Click This Link.

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