The A to Z of Dental Website Marketing Explained

15 May 2017


How Dental Website Marketing can win you more visitors and customers

You’ve worked hard to get through dentistry school and become an established dentist. But so far, you only get patients through word of mouth. How can you increase your patient base and really ramp up your business without using up too much of your precious time, effort, and money?

The simplest way of doing that very thing is by creating a digital face to your dental practice, that is to say, by creating a dental clinic website. We agree that making and running a website might not seem that easy for most people (it actually is easy, in reality!), so let us answer some of the frequently asked questions about dental website marketing. Read on.

What Should My Website Look Like?
Your dental website, in essence, should be a reflection of you and your dental practice. It should put out all the information that prospective customers look for, in a clean and legible manner. 

Either do it yourself, or hire a Dental Website Marketing Provider to create a classy dental website. Remember that it is the UI that will keep your site visitors hooked or make them jump to another page, so it needs to look good.

Make sure that your logo is boldly visible and also use high quality images of yourself and your staff on the pages. This especially is a good idea as it provides that necessary human connection that  cold dental instruments and machinery simply cannot do.

What Content Should My Dentist Website Have?

This is where a lot of people get things badly wrong. They feel compelled to bombard their site visitors with as much content as possible. 

Think about it, would you want to read a long novel’s worth of advice on a dental website? Instead, focus on providing the essentials. Your website should tell your prospective patients where your practice is located, what services you offer, what your times of operation are and similarly relevant information.

These bits of information should be displayed in a font that is contemporary and large enough to be easy on the eyes to read. Dental website marketing works quite well with your videos. Devote reasonable sections of the page to images and short videos.

Is There Anything Else I Should Do?

Now that you’ve made your dental website look good and added some crisp dental website marketing content to it, there are a few more things you need to do to make it rank high in the search results pages. For starters, use search engine optimization (SEO). This will optimize the content on your website with relevant keywords and phrases. Apart from this, also provide links to different sections and pages of your own website throughout the site.

Don’t forget social media either, as it is a powerful and effective way of making your dentist website even more visible online. Put up interesting how-to articles, blogs pertaining to dental cosmetics, write-ups on oral care, etc. on different social media portals. 

Don’t just stick to writing either, use plenty of images and short videos as well.

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