4 Best Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign Performance

05 Jul, 2017

One of the most powerful tools that online marketers use to create awareness of their brand, increase their visibility to prospective customers online and stretch their sales reach is Google AdWords.

Anyone into digital marketing swears by this product and its ability to drive sales towards you.

However, if not done properly, AdWords will not be able to deliver the full power of its reach and perform wonders for your business.

The reasons why your Google adwords campaigns may not be yielding the expected results are actually quite extensive, but fortunately for you, we are here to shed some light on how exactly to use Google AdWords so that it helps your business to leapfrog into sales success.

1.Choose Your Keywords Well

Although it is probably the most basic step in the whole process of Google AdWords marketing, selecting relevant keywords to use is still one of the most important actions that need to be taken to improve the performance of your campaign.

Use the AdWords planner available in your Google AdWords login to dive right in and choose the best performance-cost sweet spot for your AdWords choices.

2.Make Use of the Opportunities Feature

Google has an Opportunities tab, where it shows you particular areas that it has identified to enhance your campaign. This can be used as an extremely informative guide since Google will point out other related LSI keywords that you could add to your campaign.

It even suggests methods to further improve and optimize the bids made by you.

3.Single Keyword Ad Groups

Sometimes, replacing multiple keywords used in ad groups with single and highly relevant keywords can result in very beneficial outcomes for your business.

We’re not asking you to replace all multiple keyword ad groups with single keywords, but stuffing your ad campaign till it bursts with keywords will only waste your budget.

4.Keyword Match Type

In Google AdWords, you can specifically choose the match type for your keywords. You could have it be an exact match, which means that the ad will come into play only when the keyword is exactly matched.

Another option is to make the match type broad, which means that the ad will be triggered even if the searches include misspelt or closely related versions of your keyword.

The final option is to have a phrase-matched keyword, which will cause your ad to show up if your keyword is mentioned in a sentence searched for by a user.

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